What sets EPS apart – The EPS Competitive Advantage

Powerful Economics

After commercial production matures, EPS projects ROE’s above 90% commencing in year 5 and a 38% gross margin by Year 7, totally independent of subsidies or a capital markets event.

“Green Energy” investment allocations are rising and are viewed as increasingly attractive by private, institutional and strategic investors making EPS a strong take-over or early IPO candidate.

Technological Superiority

No other comparable turbine exists with such high efficiency ratings in this power class due to the patented intercooled, recuperated process that EPS will use.

  • The EPS Biomass Turbine has been vetted by independent turbine industry experts and identified as a “game changer”
  • A strong engineering team with a deep understanding of gas turbine technology have led the designs
  • EPS turbines will be an economically and environmentally attractive alternative to piston-driven, diesel burning engines
  • EPS holds a royalty-free licence to patents on the enabling technology with additional Biomass patents currently being processed
  • EPS’ Multi-fuel turbine can easily be used in conjunction with existing smaller utility companies’ main power generating stations to cover “peak hour” needs with superior efficiencies

image of the Enviro Power Solution 1600 Multi Fuel Turbine