About Enviro Power Solutions

EPS Holdings Ltd. (“EPS”) is a privately held, technology driven company that is focused on developing new power solutions through the manufacturing of highly efficient, re-engineered, small sized turbine engines for use in the Distributed Energy (“DE”) sector. DE is where the end power users effectively “go off the power grid” to produce their own electricity, independent of large central power stations and without a large aging power line distribution system.

The energy produced by just one EPS turbine will generate enough electricity to power 500-700 homes, an office complex, a university, a hospital or shopping mall. If necessary, more than one engine can be used. This makes these engines a wonderful source of primary power, enabling residential, commercial, industrial and retail sectors to enjoy the benefits of not only significant cost savings but also substantial emission reductions.

The goal for the EPS turbine engines is to transform the worldwide distributed energy markets currently dominated by reciprocating diesel engines.

The EPS Vision- To become a pre-eminent Leader in Distributed Energy Generation through advanced Turbine Engine development within six years
Through their philanthropic goals, EPS is also committed to ensuring all end users, especially those in developing countries, have access to clean, reliable power at affordable prices. Imagine the possibilities of producing electricity in rural Africa, using locally obtained biomass energy sources to provide local villages access to clean water, power to run a school and a hospital clinic, and to give the power of the internet to the community.